WTF is going through Doria Ragland’s mind?

I don’t know about you, but this picture Doria Ragland and the royal posse didn’t half make me laugh.


Well, because it just made me think – I wonder what the holy turtle turds is going through Doria Ragland’s mind?

Doria Ragland: (with fixed smile and slightly crazed eyes) ‘WTF, WTF, WTAF!? I’m standing next to the Queen, and Prince Philip, and Prince Harry and my grandson is a Prince, and the seventh in line for the throne! Hold it together Doria baby, HOLD. IT. TOGETHER!’

Little old Doria from Cleveland, Ohio. The daughter of nurse and an antique dealer. Our sweet, lovely Doria Ragland who’s worked as a makeup artist, a travel agent, and was a small business owner who filed for bankruptcy when the chips were down back in the mid 2000s. Doria, a divorcee who worked as a mental health social worker in Culver City, California for three years. Doria the unassuming, very normal, average Joe – yoga instructor… namaste babes.

Now look at her.

Staring down at her grandchild – Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, who is seventh in line in succession to the British throne. One minute there you are, practicing your down dog, and next, you’re hanging out with the Queen at Windsor Castle, being papped by the world’s press.

F*cking mental mate!

Imagine the small talk? What the hell would you say? I mean, I got starstruck and tongue tied enough that time I bumped into Noel Edmonds in the departures lounge at Bristol Airport.

I’ve tried to put myself in Doria’s position, and imagine my Mags marrying say – Prince George. It could actually happen. Never say never. I mean, I’m sure Doria Ragland never imagined it.

Never in a month of Sundays hun.

However, if Mags is to marry royalty I may have to train her out of farting like a trumpet at the dinner table, making jokes about floppy boobies and calling me to come and look how big her poo poo is. Don’t think our Liz would be down with that.

But still… you never know eh?

So, good for you Doria. I don’t know why, but this picture for me was all about you.

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