Why did this week’s episode of Game of Thrones uk have such bad picture quality?

Ok, so why was the picture so bad during the latest episode of Game of Thrones?

SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ ON if you are not up to date. So, last night we settled down to watch season 8, episode 3 of GOT on Now TV – The Battle of Winterfell. Basically it was the big battle episode where – yes my friends – winter actually came. As well as the much anticipated White Walkers with their Night King and his terrifying zombie dragon in tow to kick the shit out of…well, everyone except for Cersei and the Lannister army, who very rudely did not show up to help out.

But why was the picture so bloody dark?

Was it just me or was the picture really bad quality? Are you seriously telling me we’ve waited eight long years for this moment only to be presented with a mostly black screen? I mean I know it was supposed to be kinda dark, but there’s dark and then there’s – maybe I’ll put the audio description on – dark. It was so bloody dark you couldn’t really make out what the hell was going on. It was an unclear mess of fuzzy, blurry, fast moving shapes and shadows to the point we had no idea – who was who, who was being killed or what on earth was happening?

Did that dragon just die or what? Did Lady Brienne of Tarth just get eaten? Which bearded man is that one? Is that dragon glass? Or are you just pleased to see me?

So, who’s fault was it that the picture quality was so bad? Now TV for the broadcasting quality? The makers of the show for wanting it to be atmospheric? Or did the brightness setting on my TV just need to be adjusted?

Whatever the case, the darkness didn’t massively take away from our enjoyment of the episode to be honest. It was just a bit annoying. I could still see the beautifully handsome face of my guilty pleasure crush, Tyrion Lannister. I just love him so much. Anyone else hot for the dwarf? No? Just me then. I mean I do like a short man with a big… brain. Ahem.

Anyway if you haven’t watched it yet you may find this article on adjusting your set to combat the darkness quite useful… you’re welcome.


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