Who to follow this week on insta…

Followers = 330,000. Eyebrows = 1.

This is the beautiful Sophia Hadjipanteli, a Cypriot model and founder of the #UnibrowMovement.

I must admit, when she popped up in my suggestions a few weeks ago I was like – WTAF? But then curiosity got the better of me. Who was this Frida Kahlo-esque girl and was that eyebrow actually real?

I popped on over and had a scroll through her feed. And after casting judgement – and the preconceived idea of what society tells us beautiful is – aside I decided that I liked what I saw.

This young woman is stunning.

Ok she may not be conventionally what we would consider beautiful, I mean didn’t girls with a monobrows used to get bullied at school? But guess what, conventional is boring.

This girl is not afraid of being herself. She’s not willing to conform to a standard which society tells her she should, and for that reason she is bold, fierce, unique and beautiful.

Why should we pluck, shave or bleach body hair in order to fit in? Go give her a follow to find out…

Rhi x

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