Stuff I’ve enjoyed this week on TV…

Our Planet – Netflix

The kids are allowed to stay up late on a Friday night. We usually watch a movie, but this week we snuggled up with our Haribos to watch the new David Attenborough series – Our Planet. It’s amazing. We all loved it, especially the kids who are just fascinated by nature. Some right old LOL moments when the little crazy birds are doing their sex dances for the females. I turned to my husband at this point and said ‘That’s how you attracted me dear.’ And it was. He was throwing shapes on the dance floor at a techno night and the rest is history. However, this programme isn’t just entertaining. Its main focus is climate change, so it’s very educational too.

Ten thumbs up.

The Dirt – Netflix

Loved this. The Dirt is a biopic about the notorious glam metal band – The Motley Crue. Definitely do not watch if you are a snowflake, as there are some very shocking and disturbing scenes featuring heroin overdose and squirty oral sex. It’s hard to believe the stuff this band got up to, and you find yourself Googling certain bits mid movie to find out if all the stuff is actually true… which apparently it is. This film is a bit cheesy and formulaic towards the end, which for me isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it’s still very entertaining and well worth a watch.

Seven out of ten thumbs up.

Pose – BBC IPlayer

Right, well I’ve only watched ep1 but so far I’m loving it. Set in the 1980’s New York ball culture. Think Rupaul’s Drag race slash Queer as Folk. I can tell I’m going to love this series, and I actually have it on good authority that it’s fabulous dharrrrrling (my mum and my GBF).

24 hours in police custody – Channel 4

I love this programme. I just find it totally fascinating. This week saw slippery fish, posh surgeon Anthony McGrath accused of a one million pound fraud attempt. During the interviews we see him trying to squirm his way out of certain lines of questioning, which makes for some pretty compelling viewing. But is he guilty or not?

Not everyone’s cup of tea but shows like this are definitely my bag.

Eight out of ten thumbs up.

And there we have it! Have a good week my loves. Why not head back to my latest insta post and tell me what you’re watching? Rhi xxx

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