PURE review

PURE review – Channel 4, catch up on 4OD.

Loved this comedy drama. I binge watched it in about three nights.

Ok, so Pure’s target audience is a bit younger than I am… but I do own a pair of Nike Air Force. In yellow, so…

I also recently went to Urban Outfitters. Ok, so I didn’t buy anything, but only because puffer jackets were ugly enough the first time round, and also, you can’t quite pull off the loft insulation look once you’ve hit 40 can you?

I digress…

So why is Pure so good?

The subject matter is pretty interesting, and makes for some quite uncomfortable viewing. The main character – Marnie – suffers from OCD and is plagued by very graphic, inappropriate sexual thoughts about friends, co-workers and even her own mother. (I refer to the flashback where she sees herself performing oral sex on her mum played by Abigail Ahearn… stuff of nightmares mate)

Also the writing is brilliant – colourful, complex characters, great one liners and a pacey realistic dialogue.

The acting is insanely good too. I mean – wow level. Naturalistic, understated and just really, really great. There are some truly mesmerising, gut wrenching, heat warming and funny performances.

In my opinion Pure is well worth a watch.

Negatives – Ep 5, the climax/ hump episode (no inuendoes intended) is a bit Eastendersy, but I didn’t really mind that. I also found that I was less interested in the narratives of the supporting characters. But again not this wasn’t totally shit, just a bit – meh, ok back to Marnie now please.

This channel 4 TV drama will not disappoint. I give it eight out of ten thumbs up… if all my fingers were thumbs that is.

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