Period. End of Sentence – A Review

This short (26min) Academy Award winning film – Period. End of Sentence, directed by Rayka Zehtabchi is now streaming on Netflix.

Period. End of sentence, tells the story of a group of women living in the Hapur region, 60 km outside New Delhi. These females are on a quest, to introduce sanitary protection to women, to educate and to start conversations about the very taboo subject of periods.

It’s so interesting to see how coy and embarrassed the women/girls featured in this movie are about periods. They cover their faces, giggle and clam up at the very mention of the word. But is it such a wonder? In the film we learn that they’re told by the elders that periods are – ‘An act of god’, ‘dirty’, ‘evil’ and that during their menstrual cycle they may not enter the temples as their prayers ‘will not be heard’.

And it’s not just the women who find talking about menstrual cycles difficult and embarrassing. The men can’t bring themselves to talk about it either. One even describes periods as – ‘The biggest taboo in the country.’ Therefore it’s not surprising that these women have never heard of, or seen a pad before, let alone being able to buy one anywhere.

Until now. Now there are new, feminist, local women – who’ve never had jobs before – fighting to reduce the stigma of periods by manufacturing low-cost sanitary towels with their newly acquired pad machine. We see the rise of a group of independent business women, stepping out of the patriarchy and into new territory, striding toward financial independence. It’s the dawn of a new day, where girls no longer have to hide in shame, dropout of school or use dirty, inefficient cotton rags any more. This progression is a joy to see.

A heart warming, empowering, feel good film and definitely one to watch.

I’d give it nine out of ten thumbs up, if my fingers were all thumbs that is.

Read about The Pad Project here

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