Nice air force

I have the same trainers as my sixteen year old niece. Ok so hers are in white and mine are in canary yellow… but still.

What does this say about me? That I’m cool? Sick? Rad? Down with the kids? Or that I’m dressing too young for my age and I really need to get a grip and get myself a pair of Scholls from the local orthopedic mobility scooter shop?

But hang on…

Nike Air Force are actually great for us modern mums. Not only are they amazing for sprinting down the street when I’m late for the school pick up…again. But their bright yellow colour means that when I’m scrolling on my phone and forgetting the green cross code I am highly unlikely to be struck down by a car. Yes my dears, forget high vis vests and lollipop ladies, these daps are life savers. Especially when you have two kids on their micro scooters in tow.

I stop traffic baby. (winks)

It’s also worth mentioning there’s quite a lot of cushioning around the old bunion area, and god knows that little blighter can throb after a whole day running around mumming and stuff.

Oh Nike. I bet I am your marketing nightmare. Don’t think there’ll be any sponsorship deals here any time soon eh?

“Nike – good for school run lateness, high vis road safety and throbbing bunions.” ….new tagline right there.

You’re welcome.  

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