Date night…

Our date night last Thursday was a disaster…

Ok, so a few weeks ago I noticed I was getting quite a few black hairs on my chin and upper lip. So instead of reaching for the tweezers, I decided to give some hair removing cream a go.

Picture the scene…

It’s about 6:30pm and I’ve just hopped out of the shower. I whack on some cream and arrange it in a perfect – Kurt Russell as Santa – beard shape. I then proceed to dry my hair.

Fifteen minutes or so later I remove the cream.

But – OH. MY. GOD!

It’s only gone and burnt the skin off my face. And no, I don’t look like Kurt Russell, more like Noel Edmonds, with a red-raw shaped goatee. I’m in total F-ing agony.

I dive for the box and look at the instructions – “Leave on for 3 minutes but DO NOT exceed the maximum time of 5 minutes.”

Oh balls.

“Are you nearly ready?” I hear my husband call from downstairs.

He’s in the kitchen tending to the babysitter and I’m too embarrassed to go down and explain what’s happened.

I splash water on my face. AAAARGH! Total agony. I put some organic rosehip oil on it… GAAAAH!!! It stings so much. In the end I lie with a cold wet flannel on my face. My husband peers round the door –

“You ok? Shall I call an Uber?”

I tell him what has happened. He bursts out laughing.

“I’ve always thought Noel Edmonds was a total legend.” he splutters.

We have to call the restaurant to tell them we’re going to be late and I lie on the bed for half hour, until the pain subsides. Once the burning has stopped I plaster my face with foundation in a kind of – Ru Paul’s drag race type fashion – and then I put my glad rags on and get out the door.

The restaurant was quite dark, so that was good. There was also a ‘no kissing’ rule, as I didn’t want the remainder of my chin skin ending up being rubbed off onto my husband’s stubble.

The moral of the story – always read the instructions.

How about you? Any funny date night disasters to report? Head back over to my insta with your funny stories, I’d love to hear them…


Rhi x

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