Chocolate is good for you…


Easter is just around the corner.

And with that comes the reality that your kids are about to receive a Lidl aisle’s worth of the sugary, brown stuff. Which you will dutifully ‘help’ them eat, because you are a really good parent who wants to save them from obesity and possible future diabetes. So, this seems like a good time for me to tell you that – CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOU!

As you know, I have a strong history of being a serial dieter and have tried every diet known to man. Years of disordered eating and lapping up that bullsh*t has always lead me to believe that chocolate is – naughty, bad for me, unhealthy and even sinful.

But I’m here to tell you – it’s not. No. Chocolate is good for you.

Now I’m not going to bore you with the details of all the scientifically established health benefits. So I’ll just list a few that have cropped up in recent studies.

I mean, surely it’s worth mentioning that chocolate has been proven to be:

  • Good for the heart
  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance mood
  • Be good for the skin
  • Help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite
  • Improve insulin
  • Reduce memory loss

And so on and so on.

Chocolate contains potassium, zinc, selenium, iron, flavonoids (flava-wha?) and anti-inflammatories.

But before we get too excited, we’re not talking scoffing down jumbo packs of Wispa bites every night. Sorry. The healthiest kind is – dark, 70% cocoa (or more), chocolate. In moderation.

Oh. Well that’s disappointing. (puts the Wispa bites down)

But hang on…

Let’s go back to the ‘enhancing mood’ bit. We have all – at some point – used chocolate as a comfort or reward, right? And why the hell not. Since we were babies, when we cried our mothers would soothe us with fatty, sweet milk and so yes, our brains are wired to be comforted by such flavours. So it’s only natural that in times of need, stress, heart break, grief, disappointment – we would turn to chocolate.

Surely it’s better that reaching for the vodka? Or shooting up heroin? Or dressing up in a nappy and hiring a prostitute and getting them to cuddle you? Let’s get some perspective here. There are far worse things you could do to comfort yourself that inhaling a Freddo every night. Right?

Ok, so we know that chocolate enhances our mood with the release of the “happiness neurotransmitters” serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. It makes us feel good. And therefore it is good for you.

Chocolate is good for the soul. FACT.

We eat chocolate cake to celebrate a birthday. We give chocolate on Valentine’s Day to show love. Can you imagine Christmas Day or Easter without chocolate? How can cosy winter nights, sipping hot chocolate by the fire not be good for you? Melt in the mouth, beautifully gift wrapped truffles on Mother’s Day that declare – Mum, you are the best! A lovely box of Celebrations when you’ve landed that dream job to say – well done you! Or an oozy chocolate pudding at the end of a romantic meal, which leaves you feeling satisfied, fuzzy and content.

How can any of those things be bad?

I’ll leave you with something my lovely, old Grandad Jack always used to say –  ‘A little bit of what you fancy does you good.’ He lived until he was ninety-five. And that’s the key here. Don’t deny yourself a little bit of what you fancy, because chocolate is not bad. It’s not forbidden or sinful and it shouldn’t make us feel naughty or guilty.

Because chocolate is good for you.

Image Gemma Griffiths Photography

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