Censorship – Has it gone too far?

You can’t bloody say anything these days for fear of being lambasted by some sensitive snowflake or other. I mean, we’re not even allowed to say we’re ‘flying solo’ when our partners are working away any more, for fear of offending or upsetting single parents who are flying solo 24/7.

And before anyone jumps on this, I grew up in a single parent family. I understand the struggles first hand, so step away from the keyboard babes, and just read on. Because it feels to me like people are in constant battle to be the most offended these days. You moan about stubbing your toe and you get a – ‘Well at least you’ve got toes.’

So I call bullshit.

I mean, there’s actually a word for all this right? ‘Virtue signaling – To take a conspicuous but essentially useless action ostensibly to support a good cause but actually to show off how much more moral you are than everybody else.’ (urbandictionary.com)

Just the other week I wrote a funny post about my husband being addicted to Pop Tarts called – ‘Married to an Addict’. Just minutes after posting I was called out by a – very nice, extremely polite – woman (who’d been married to an addict), because in her opinion my post was ‘triggering’.

Christ on a Christmas tree (blasphemy babes), isn’t everything triggering if you want it to be? I explained to the woman that as someone recovering from alcohol addiction, I understand – only too well – the severity of the subject, but that for me, comedy is a way of coping, of not letting stuff get me down, and a way to get perspective.

I apologised for offending her.

I know not everyone feels the same way. But here’s the thing, I can’t please everyone, and I’ll always have someone saying they’re offended. Comedy is like walking a tightrope, wherein if I fall one way I’m making people giggle, yet plummet the other and I’m plunging into dark – I’m deeply offended – type depths.

One thing I will say, if I offend you, unfollow me. Because I will not refrain moaning about my kid keeping me up in the night for risk of offending those who are struggling to conceive. I will not refrain from saying that my house is a shit hole because millions out there can’t afford one. And I won’t not use the phrase ‘flying solo’ just because some people don’t have a husband. Because that would be ridiculous.

Last year was my first Father’s Day without a dad. Did I scold people for moaning about the fact they had to send theirs dads a card?


If people post stuff where they’re breastfeeding easily, am I rushing to comment about how insensitive it is for mother who couldn’t? Of course not. Because I don’t need to virtue signal. I’m confident and secure in my beliefs and morals. I don’t need to shout them from the rooftops in order to prove I am a worthy, important human.

I wonder how all this will pan out?

Will everyone soon be scared to say or do anything, for fear of being shot down?  What was it Aristotle said – ‘To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.’ That dude knew his shizzle right? Because if we’re all getting deeply offended by everything, will censorship eventually leave us with nothing?

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