Best free period tracker apps 2019

Best free period tracker apps

What are the best free period tracker apps for iphone and android available in the uk in 2019? There are hundreds of them, so to save you wasting your time scrolling through the app store, I’ve compiled a list of the best free period tracker apps that are available. I’ll look at efficiency, value, ease of use and most importantly (ahem) how nice they look. But first of all, what is a period or menstrual cycle tracker app? A period or menstrual tracker app is used to a) track your period – handy if you have irregular periods, want to understand and monitor your menstrual health, PMS symptoms, mood, flow and cycle b) tell you when you are ovulating and are at your most fertile – useful if you want to get pregnant, and c) Tell you when you’re not fertile – so you can avoid pregnancy and use the app as contraception… eek!


**Disclaimer** No contraception is 100% accurate but according to the best period tracker app companies, they are between 93%-98% effective. When I divulged this information to my husband however, he was having none of it. ‘I’m not taking any risks.’ were his exact words. Two babies were quite enough for him.


As stated above no contraception is 100% accurate and so there have been reports of women claiming unwanted or surprise pregnancies after using period tracker apps. Also some of the app companies have received negative press for selling on data relating to women’s health, so it is worth carefully checking the data and privacy policies. Obviously these apps do not protect against STDs and so this is another negative to consider, as well as the anxiety and neurosis the apps may be causing some women, who are becoming obsessive over their female, gynaecological or sexual health.

The positive benefits of period tracker apps

  • Educational
  • Useful if you’re trying to get pregnant
  • Beneficial when predicting PMS symptoms like cramps, low moods and headaches
  • An indicator of possible female health complications
  • Great for understanding women’s cyclical mood patterns
  • A good way to gage what may be affecting irregular periods
  • A healthier non intrusive form of contraception (although in my eyes, pretty risky)

Period Tracking apps to avoid (in my opinion):

  • Natural Cycles – Because they ask you for dollar… yuck. However, they were the first fertility app to be approved by European regulators as a medical contraceptive.
  • Period Calendar – Too many adverts, too much pink, too many fluffy bunnies. Looks like an app my seven year old would have.
  • My Calendar – Again too much pink and too many flowers… ugh, not all women like that sh*t. Period. (pun intended)
  • Glow – The one that came under fire for apparently selling data.
  • Eve (by Glow) – Ok this one is pretty good, so it’s up to you. Facebook stole our data and we forgave them right?
  • Kindara – Looks too much like a Maths textbook to me. Graphs can do one.
  • Fitbit – Because if you don’t own a Fitbit, right?
  • Paloma – Again maybe targeted at a younger audience… like eleven.

The 3 best period tracker apps:

  • Clue – Free! Ranked as the best period and ovulation tracking app by the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal. It’s sleek and stylish and easy to use. You can also connect to a community or friends and family to… well, compare notes I suppose.
  • Flo – Free! Lots of educational articles and posts. Again it’s easy to use, as well as nice to look at. This one’s good if you’re irregular.
  • Cycles – Free! Syncs with you Apple health app. Minimalist and it’s also easy to navigate. Designed to be shared with your partner so he/she can understand when the red eyed monster is knocking at the door.

And there we have it, IMO these three are the best free period tracker apps… you’re welcome.

So is it worth downloading a free period tracker app?

I mean for me – who used to scribble a big red P on the calendar to warn my husband – there’s no denying a period tracker app is useful. Personally I can see the worth in being aware of my PMT and recognising why I’m feeling particularly aggravated, low or grumpy. I also think knowing why I’m craving certain foods, and why I may be feeling depleted of energy can only be seen as a good thing. It will alert me (and my family) of any stormy, period related woes that may arise. This could also be a gentle reminder to put more monthly self care practices in place, as well as showing self-compassion and cutting myself some bloody slack. (again, pun very much intended)

Will I use the period tracker as a form of contraception? Well, it’s not solely up to me is it? My husband has well and truly spoken up on this matter. So unfortunately, the answer here my friends is a big fat – No!

To summarise – period tracker apps are great for – knowing when you’re fertile if you want to get pregnant. Excellent for – tracking PMS symptoms, but maybe are – not worth the risk of relying on them as a form of contraception.

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