A funny response the the Telegraph article that slammed the Nike plus size mannequin…

Dear Telegraph journalist…

… Who, in an evil Voldermort fashion must not be named because we shouldn’t give her click bait, bullshit, bigoted article any more oxygen. (I am well aware how contradictory this is… bangs head on keyboard – UGH!)

Firstly, why did you get your fanny in such a flap about Nike’s plus size model? I don’t even think she IS ‘obese’. She looks like a curvy size 16 to me. But hey, I can’t really tell, so how can you? You say ‘by all measures’ but you just used your eyes to look at a picture didn’t you? Oh hun… if you could measure stuff just with your eyes, they wouldn’t have invented rulers or scales now would they?

And anyway, do you really think you can tell if a person is healthy just by looking at them? This is slightly naive, unfounded and ignorant. There are so many factors involved when determining a person’s health including – socio economic factors, environmental factors, alcohol consumption, smoking, diet, exercise, mental health, genetics etc.

Yes of course body fat can be an indicator of a person’s health, but not always.

It’s a bit more complicated than that. And anyway, how healthy are you? Do you have regular health and dental check ups? How ‘healthy’ is your diet? Do you drink? When was your last smear? Oh I’m sorry, it’s none of my business or my concern, of course it isn’t.

‘Oh but the drain on the NHS!’ we hear them cry.

Before you go throwing twatty morality at me here, my grandmother was thin and she bled the NHS dry with at least three visits to the doctor a week, as well as sueing them for neglect for hundreds of thousands of pounds, so…

Thin people drain the NHS too. So do motorbike owners and people who do gardening in their flip flops. Fat people pay their taxes just like everyone else. Some may be paying five times what you pay. You can’t blame fat people for draining money out of the NHS. What next? Blame fat people for global warming or the rising cost of quinoa?

Also, did you know that exercise is very good for your health.

You know – exercise? That thing that Nike’s promoting. I mean – and this is a little embarrassing – even Piers Morgan recognises that this is what Nike’s doing. Do you really think Nike’s marketing team got together and said – ‘Let’s promote obesity!’ No babe.

They’re not selling a lie. They’re just selling plus size clothes to women in bigger bodies. Because fat people DO exist and they need leggings too. And they CAN run. And they do. And they want to do it in a nice, trendy gear. End of.

Lastly, let’s talk about stress.

It’s been linked to all sorts of diseases including diabetes, as well as three of the top five major killers in Britain – heart disease, stroke and cancer. The ironic thing is that your blatant fatphobic, hateful, bigoted article is probably far more harmful to a fat person’s health than Nike’s curvy mannequin.

Because YOU are causing stress to women in larger bodies with this bullshit. It’s feeding into the stigma, discrimination and prejudice they have to deal with on a daily basis. So to me, it’s your brain cells – as in, your attitude – and not women’s fat cells, that need to be carrying a public health warning here.

As you were dick chops.

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